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We are facing an emergency which demands from us a great sense of responsibility. Nova Systems intends to play its part by facilitating and supporting the activities of companies in logistics and freight forwarding sector.

As a precaution, we have chosen to protect our staff, clients and partners by immediately applying “smart working”. It is a safety measure that did not affect the quality of the service offered and which allowed us to put people's health before everything else.

Today we feel strongly the duty to offer our services to help reduce the social and economic impact of the Coronavirus emergency on companies and their staff. The logistics and international freight forwarding sector plays an important and strategic role for the European economic system. We at Nova Systems want to give our contribution, helping you to easily adopt “smart working” and supporting you in the safeguard of your team's safety.

Business Continuity, always ensured by Nova Systems, allows us to guarantee that your daily operations are not hindered. It is a concrete support aimed at releasing the energies of companies, in this challenging context, thanks to the power of the Cloud and digital, which supports you in your daily work minimizing interruptions.

Servizi garantiti da Nova Systems


Smart working

Smart Working

Thanks to advanced technologies and highly secure processes, which guarantee Business Continuity, Nova Systems has started to prepare clients to work in smart working mode and thus guarantee that their daily operations are not hindered. We support client companies’ IT managers in adopting Remote Desktop systems, which allow everyone to connect to their office PC. This solution allows smart working to be adopted very quickly.

In the eventuality of a badly performing ADSL line at the user’s home, Nova Systems IT departments are available to install the BeOne Client directly on the PC of the clients' staff. The Software Services and the application management are in fact provided in Cloud mode, and this means having the possibility to easily work anywhere in the world.

Remote Desktop tools allow everyone to connect to their office PC. This is the most effective solution for adopting Smart Working so quickly. Nova Systems’ staff too has adopted Smart Working and continues to guarantee all services, including daily support to its clients.

How to access

You can request the activation of Smart Working opening a ticket, contacting your reference Project Manager and Sales Manager or by contacting the Nova Systems' Help Desk:

+39 045 878 8200
Assistenza telefonica

Telephone Assistance

Our Help Desk, with its highly qualified multilingual staff, is a specialised centre to which users can turn in case of need. 

The service provides clients with timely and competent support, so that operators can exploit the full potential of the BeOne software solution, wherever they are in the world.

How to access

Visit our Support service page or contact Nova Systems' Help Desk:

Assistenza ticket

Ticket Assistance

In addition to telephone support, the client has the right to receive online support by opening a ticket in the reserved area.  

The ticketing system allows the client to have under control every report and request. The use of tickets also allows Nova Systems to direct the request directly to specialized staff, reducing intervention times.

How to access

Please connect to the following link:

Ticket Assistance
Assistenza garantita

Continuous Assistance

Assistance and consulting are always guaranteed, thanks to the high technology standards of Nova Systems. Every single client is assigned a reference Project Manager and an Account Manager for each of the activities carried out by the company: from accounting to shipment and warehouse management, up to customs operations and much more. 

In this way, we have a constant relationship of trust and dialogue between the client and the Nova Systems collaborators dedicated to him. They are available for any consultancy, training or analysis of business processes. Nova Systems’ Research and Development department maintains a continuous dialogue with Project Managers assigned to the clients’ companies, with the aim of coordinating the requests of development and personalization of the software. 

How to access

Connect to the Sinova Private Area Clients.

Area riservata

Sinova Private Area Clients

To meet the needs of its partners, Nova Systems has created the Sinova portal, a special dedicated area, where the client can autonomously access many functions: assistance tickets, quotes management, documentation repository and much more. 

All this wherever the user may be, simply by accessing the private area by entering your ID and Password.

How to access

Connect to Sinova Private Area Clients

Guide to the use of Sinova


Webinar Formation

Webinar by NovAcademy: online meetings organized in sessions and held by professionals and experts in the sector. 

The online lessons can be followed easily from any PC with internet access, based on the NovAcademy calendar.

Nova Systems’ Project Managers and Account Managers are always available to organize customized training sessions for any need your company has..

How to access

Visit NovAcademy website and consult the calendar of upcoming courses.

To book a course you can send an email to novacademy@novasystems.it or contact the number +39 045 878 8211.

Demo online

Software demo

Nova Systems is available to show its product and its functionalities remotely, thanks to web meeting tools. You can request a demo to get to know the BeOne software or to view specific features of the solution already in use.

How to access

Fill the demo request form on Nova Systems' site home page:

Want more information? CONTACT US T +35 622 605 101 www.novasystems.eu